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Yalno.com was founded by the group of like minded traders trading forex market since from 2008 which is the year where big historical market crash happened in the world. Major US banks got bankrupt, real estates went down and most valuable things considered by the people are all ripped off by this market crash. But the only market which went up is the “GOLD”.

While GOLD Market price starts to boom up at 2008, most of them start investing on gold in huge amounts. This is the time we have entered into the forex market for making money. This is how the journey begins. 1st year we have made some and lost more money, 2nd year made profit and loss at breakeven really frustrated with more sleepless nights. In June 2011, we have made a in-depth technical and fundamental research in forex market. We have bought more courses, indicators, Auto trading EA softwares, still we keep losing our money at the end. Lost our hope on getting successful in forex trading.

We never give up at the tough times, we work our butt off to find the success. After few years of testing more strategies, we came to know that we should have to use different strategies at different market situations. In 17 January 2015, USD/CHF has crashed harder. We didn’t worry about this crash now. Instead, we are very eager to place big trades at the Low Price. We have seen a market crash before, now it’s like another market crash happened in CHF currency pairs. We had a decent money to invest at the very low price. As per our technical and fundamental analysis, we believe USD/CHF will recover up as soon as possible. So, we bought huge quantity at 0.87 price. Within 2 months. USD/CHF completely recovered. This is one of the unforgettable moment in our life. we understood that If the market is going to crash, get ready to invest more at very low prices. Always Be prepared for the crash, if you are prepared for the market crash, it’s a very sweet opportunity in your life. If you are not prepared for the crash, it will be a disaster or missing the fortune. After 11 years of experience in forex market, We start to provide forex signals to help traders all over the world.